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Daily Mail office meeting room

Daily Mail General Trust / Northcliffe Media


Nottingham Post

Project value

£320,000 | Time scale: 8 weeks

The client

The Daily Mail General Trust is a publicly listed company providing content, information, analytics and events in 40 countries across the world. Northcliffe Media is a division of the trust and owns 84 local and regional newspapers, including the Nottingham Post.

The design brief

To create a smart and modern working area for staff.

Project delivery

Meeting deadlines is part and parcel of life in the newspaper world and the same expectation was placed on PJE for this project, which involved the relocation of 200 staff across the city. PJE was tasked to create a working environment conducive to 24/7 reporting and better suit the transient working schedules of many of the staff. Desks and work station benches suited to hot-desking were provided with the addition of partitioning to provide some privacy where needed. A modern colour scheme was applied to create a warm and energetic environment, echoing the fast pace of the newsroom. Adrian Bateman, from PJE Business Solutions, said: “We like challenges at PJE and quick turnaround projects can be quite testing, but we knew this was one where we simply had to deliver on time - and we certainly achieved that.”



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