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Mitel manifestation

Mitel Networks Ltd.


Mitel Data Centre,Castle Gate Business Park, Caldicot

The client

Mitel is a global provider of business communications and collaboration software and services, with more than 100,000 customers world wide.

The design brief

To undertake construction work, and mechanical and electrical installations, for a tier-one data centre.

Project delivery

Bbi worked closely with Mitel’s facilities management team on this project to design and fit out the company’s first data centre. Data centres are typically associated with high levels of carbon emissions and as such, environmental considerations were a high priority. Bbi focussed on maximising the use of the existing electrical capacity on site, while careful selection of mechanical equipment also ensured that environmental objectives were met. The temperature in data centres is normally controlled by close control air conditioning. However, for this project, Bbi specified cold aisle containment, which was still a relatively new solution. This comprised a series of refrigerated aisles and racks preventing hot air short circuits and improving the efficiency of the cooling system considerably, while also contributing to energy cost savings. Paul Westlake of Bbi said: “Data centres and disaster recovery suites are now an indispensable part of everyday life, and detailed mechanical and electrical knowledge for a project like this is essential. They contain all kinds of secure information and it is important that the servers within these environments are kept at exactly the right temperature so they do not overheat. “Bbi has an expert mechanical and electrical division, and previous experience of building data centres that it was able to bring to this project, designing and developing innovative solutions to the client’s brief.”



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