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Phoenix House chiller instillation

MOJ, Shared Services Newport


Chiller Replacement, Phoenix House

Project value

£378,000 | Time scale: 2 months

The client

Ministry of Justice is one of the largest government departments, employing around 76,000 people (including those in the Probation Service), with a budget of approximately £9 billion. Shared Services in Newport are responsible for the tendering and procurement for all areas within Wales and the South West.

The design brief

The purpose of the Contract is for the provision of works to Supply, Install & Commission a Replacemet 650kW Chiller due to the failure of the existing unit that led to the installation of temporary Chillers.

Project delivery

The Chiller was manufactured in 6 weeks by Climaveneta in Italy. During this time the existing Chiller was broken down, de-gassed and all the new pipework installed. We worked during normal working hours within the plant room and the roof space.

The draining of the building chilled water distribution system, and chemical flushing was required to remove any build up of sludge that may exist prior to the new Chiller installation which had to be carried out outside normal working hours. As the flushing commenced and the existing condensate pipes and valves were cleaned, it was clear that a lot of them were leaking. Within the timescale of the project we had to remove and replace all the condensate runs and replace the damaged valves prior to the filling of the system and the addition of the corrosion inhibitors and Glycol.

The Chiller was delivered over a weekend and crane lifted into the location, the existing Chiller was removed off site at the same time. Final Connections were made and and the pressure testing of the pipework installation, followed by the hydraulic commissioning of the primary circulation system was completed.

The successful completion and handover of the project over a provided constant cooling within the building which has a total occupation of 750 staff.



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