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Verco - DNA

Farrell - Adapt

Orangebox - 'Do' chair


  • Office Furniture
  • Office Seating
  • Office Storage
  • Office Accessories (Coat stands, Litter bins etc. - various)
  • Lighting
  • Ceilings
  • Partitioning Systems
  • Wall Coverings
  • Window Blinds
  • Manifestation
  • Column Cladding
  • Audio Visual and Presentation equipment
  • Floor Coverings
  • Floor boxes
  • Raised Access Floors
  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Kitchen Units and Catering Equipment
  • Washrooms, Sanitary ware and Toilet Cubicles (IPS)
  • Internal & External Signage
  • Plants

Era Screens


A totally modular product of standardised pieces and dimensions, all acoustically enhanced. Providing simple assembly and straight forward re-configuration. With limitless possibilities and the ability to create a number of permutations from a simple set of pieces. LinC can help you create working areas that inspire and promote interaction and communication and offer a future proof solution for ever changing work environments.


Nautilus offers a similar design footprint to LinC but without the modularity. Nautilus can provide a more cost effective solution when modularity is not key to your project.

QS - Freestanding Acoustic pods

Flexible office pod system that allows each independent panel to be offered in a multitude of finishes including magnetic writable glass and pinnable surfaces. By including sliding doors, acoustic ceiling, PIR lighting and air circulation the system can provide the definitive office pod experience.



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